download-2Fireplace Doors Like No Other

Centuries Ago is a family-owned business. Our goal is to bring back an American-made product so that what once “was” can be again. So we have slowed the hands of time and we craft our custom fireplace doors by hand…like no other. Call us today if you’re looking for exceptional quality, design, and craftsmanship in a fireplace door for your home or office.

Not only are our wrought iron fireplace doors beautifully decorative, they also provide safety and security by preventing sparks and ashes from exiting your fireplace. Our doors will allow you to enjoy the light, heat, and sound of a natural fire the way it should be.


Passed down for centuries, our custom fireplace doors are the best around.


Materials are hand-picked from local suppliers, meaning you get a high-quality product that will last for decades.


Custom measured and designed – we can even add your logo or special icon to our custom fireplace doors.


Our fireplace doors usually arrive faster than those from our competitors. Once you’ve placed your order for a custom fireplace door, we’ll get it to you quickly.


Taking care of your custom fireplace door from Centuries Ago is a breeze. Greasing the hinges every 50 years, on average, is all it takes to maintain them!